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#130606 - 08/24/00 11:03 AM Converted Styles Glitch
deatonent Offline

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I have some X1 styles converted for use with my Roland G1000. They seem to be working as they should. However, there is some "off-key" part sounding that does not fit pitch-wise with everything else that's going on. It's kind of like you're playing the chords and someone else is playing a note somewhere on the keyboard in the correct rhythm but without any regard to the key you're playing in. Any possible solutions?

#130607 - 08/24/00 02:36 PM Re: Converted Styles Glitch
Clif Anderson Offline

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Well, if the note does not change when the others do, it might be in the percussion track. What you might do is selectively solo (or mute) tracks until you isolate the track that it is in. If it is in the drum track, then you have to find the percussion instrument that is causing the problem. If you can, listen to the original style and try to figure out what that instrument was supposed to be. Then reassign either in the midi file or program a new kit.

#130608 - 08/24/00 02:39 PM Re: Converted Styles Glitch
Fran Carango Offline
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It effects the guitar strum parts. I just mute or erase the parts, usually part1 or 3..Fran

#130609 - 08/25/00 02:48 AM Re: Converted Styles Glitch

It is possible to delete only the notes higher than C6 in the guitartrack.

#130610 - 08/25/00 08:02 AM Re: Converted Styles Glitch
Bob Gelman Offline

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Looks likes most of the fixes were covered here. A summary:

1. Try REVOICING the offending track
2. Just ELIMINATE (turn off) the offending track.
3. Use software to eliminate the notes on an otherwise good track that are "off"
4. Redo the style with style making software.
5. Don't bother going crazy over getting a style to work. There are THOUSANDS of styles available on the net. We have many Yamaha Styles available for free download at our egroups. We now have over 500 members; join us!



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