Do you know where I could find detailed info about the way the Yamaha arranger keyboards transform a given pattern to fit a given chord ?
I already know that the patterns must be based on a CMaj7 chord, thus C-E-G-B. I guess the third will give either a minor third, a major third or a fourth, based on the played chord. Likewise, the major seventh can be transformed logically to fit a min7, 7 or Maj7 chord. But what happens if the pattern includes the Maj7 and the chord is a plain major chord ? is the B note replaced or canceled ?
Likewise, what happens to other notes ? for example, a lot of the patterns I examined have both Bb and B notes in them. What happens to a note outside of the CMaj7 chord, like the Bb?
this info is needed to edit styles without problems.
thanks in advance,