Howdy folks ...

I've got a season pass to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and take my wife a two-year old there a couple times a week.

There's an exhibit called Innoventions - essentially a large rotating (1 mph) building with a bunch of futuristic equipment and exhibits. You can ride on a Segway, create your own Disney character in Virtual Magic Kingdom, punch a fish on a touch-sensitive Plasma screen, etc. It's really cool.

Well, on the second floor they had an entire music exhibit roped off. There was a gentleman off to the side with a laptop connected into the exhibit doing work on it. There was a beautiful midi grand piano and it was connected to a Tyros 2! I actually thought "Oh they have a Tyros" and when I got a little closer I was a little surprised to see the "2". There were speakers and wind controllers and midi violins and all sorts of cool stuff. Too bad I couldn't see any of it in use.

Oh well, I'll be back and report on it.

And since things are a tad sensitive around here lately, this is neither a plus or a minus for the Tyros 2. Just saying I saw one!