The Most Valuable Poster Contest

The $5000 Prize Giveaway for Gearheads Who Give Back. Sponsored by SONiVOX and IK Multimedia

Do you get helpful advice from this forum? Would you like to see a deserving forum user recognized and rewarded? What about YOUR contributions to this forum? Gearwire thinks you deserve something more than a pat on the back.

The British Pipesmokers' Council gave out 39 Pipe Smoker of the Year awards before it finally went bust three years ago. If 39 blokes from Britain can get fancy awards just for sitting around smoking pipes all day, you, a regular forum poster, deserve a shot at recognition for providing gear-related content for the benefit of your fellow gearheads. and our sponsors SONiVOX and IK Multimedia want to give out props where props are due, and $5,000 worth of gear besides.

Well, maybe you personally don't deserve it. Maybe most of your posts were wasted speculating on Paris Hilton’s prison nicknames, or worse, trolling those poor, miserable souls in the political forum.

But all the more reason for you to do a good deed and nominate the best forum contributors in one of 11 categories. If you don't nominate yourself, You still have a shot at some serious prize winning. Just by nominating someone, you'll be entered to win free gear in the Most Valuable Poster Contest.

One more time, just so we're clear: yes, you can nominate yourself. Go ahead. Just CLICK HERE

$5,000 total in gear will be awarded, sponsored in part by and, - which will make for much cooler prizes than whatever those Pipe Smokers of the Year got.

Don't your MVPs deserve some recognition for all that gearhead advice they shared for free? CLICK HERE .

Nominate your candidates today and be entered to win some wicked cool gear from Having a good email address for your nominees helps us out a lot but isn't required. Please be sure to indicate what forum you are nominating your MVP for, and any other relevant info that can help us get in touch with your nominee!

P.S. The first 100 people to submit nominations will also receive a free T-shirt, just for doing the right thing. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Fill out our easy-to-use form.

P.S. Please be aware of THE FINE PRINT:

1. Entry into the contest equals acceptance of all terms and conditions. Gearwire assumes no responsibility or liability for ignorance of contest rules. It is the entrant's responsibility to be aware of all contest rules and guidelines.

2. and its designated affiliates reserve the right to alter, cancel, suspend, or otherwise change all contest conditions at any time. Prizes may be delayed withheld, altered, or cancelled for any reason including any rules violation. This contest is judged solely by Gearwire and/or Gearwire's designated affiliates.

3. Automated entries, posts, attempts to do so, identity theft, or other activity commonly held as cheating will render a contest entry or entries null and void. In the event of a void contest entry, prizes will be reassigned solely at Gearwire's discretion. reserves the right to determine final outcomes of the contest, regardless.

4. All prizes are awarded solely at the discretion of No other rights are implied or given.

5. Contestants agree that entering Gearwire contests freely give Gearwire exclusive rights to contest-related information including name, likeness, plus image reproduction rights, in perpetuity. Contestants agree to allow their names and images to be reproduced at will by, its partners, assigns, and/or affiliates in perpetuity as it/they see(s) fit.

6. Contestants agree that by entering any Gearwire contest, entrants waive all claims, damages, and all other legal actions against, it's affiliates, assigns, and partners. Entering the contest is a blanket waiver of all claims or actions against Gearwire and its partners, assigns, and affiliates, in perpetuity.

7. Prize awards will be delivered on Gearwire's timeline and at Gearwire's discretion.

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