Made a discovery today using the mfc-10 that was new to me, thought others probably hadn't found it, so here's a heads up.

I have my mfc vol pedal set to control all the volumes on R1-2-3. I was checking on a ty1 style (beauty and the beast)
to see if I had it converted okay to the ty2, I got a surprise. While playing and vol ped disengaged variation 3 runs 3 layed voices,
bring up the volume of the voices with the pedal and 2 voices remains the same level and the organ voice swells
to take the lead, quiet a dramatic effect.

To get this effect, when doing a set/up of a registration, one probably just needs to go to the mfc set/up and
tic out r2 and r3 and save in a reg. Havn't tried this yet, and maybe ty1 owners already know about this.
It seems ty2 has a zillion more goodies that can be triggered by a mfc-10.

Anyone else out there that fools with the mfc-10 and has found little tricks, please share with the few of us who uses the mfc-10

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