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#126126 - 05/06/07 07:31 AM Connecting unpowered mixer to speakers
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What's better, the XLR route or the TRS route? Does one offer inherently better fidelity/performance?

#126127 - 05/06/07 10:07 AM Re: Connecting unpowered mixer to speakers
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xlr uses "Mic" cables which you can chain together to get the length you need. Supposed to be quieter on longer cable runs. At least thats the way I understand it.

#126128 - 05/06/07 11:33 AM Re: Connecting unpowered mixer to speakers
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TRS and XLR are functionally identical (at least if the TRS is wired to balanced cables, which it should), but in the event of a cable failure, XLR (mike) cables are easier to find, and generally less expensive.

But a balanced connector is just that.... whether it is wired to XLR or TRS.
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#126129 - 05/06/07 11:44 AM Re: Connecting unpowered mixer to speakers
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hi marcK,
you mean 1. unpowered mixer to an amplifier and then to the speakers? or 2.powered mixer to unpowered speakers, or 3.unpowered mixer to powered speakers?.....for 1, going from the amp to the speakers you do not need either balanced or unbalanced cable, just use figure 8 cable (at least 1.5swg) from the mixer to the amp either a balanced or unbalanced cable should be used, if the length required from the mixer to the amp is more than about 15 feet it is recommended to use a balanced cable...for number 2, figure 8 cable(min 1.5 swg) for number 3, if the cable run is less than about 15 feet it does not make much difference, more than that, use the balanced cables...btw you sometimes see speaker cables that run from amps to speakers that use the xlr connector, these are not balanced, the xlr connector is used for connection strength. they are also wired differently with hot(+) being pin 3, cold(-) pin 1, and pin 2 is not used (pin 2 is the hot pin on normal microphone/instrument use).
hope that helps some...

#126130 - 05/06/07 12:13 PM Re: Connecting unpowered mixer to speakers
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I have always found XLR connectors to be more reliable than jacks.

And I always use balanced interconnects if possible, no matter what the distance. I figure that the improved noise immunity will probably help (although I must admit that as all my audio plumbing is less that 15 feet I've never experienced noise breakthrough on unbalanced cables), and also I get another excuse to XLR interconnects!

And to actually answer the original question, under optimum conditions there should be no difference in performance whether you use TRS or XLR connection. Personally I believe that optimum conditions would be maintained for longer if you used XLR connections.

(later edit: I really should read what I write before pressing submit. My comment in the second paragraph about improved noise immunity is with reference to using balanced audio rather than unbalanced audio, and this wasn't the question being asked was it?)

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