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#125466 - 12/29/99 11:09 AM Re: Roland EM2000 vs. Solton X1
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Alex, The rational??The confusion of the mismatched patches has to do with PROGRAM CHANGES, it is as simple as that,What may be brass[86] on a SC55 gm map is a E. guitar on a MT32,,,,,Fran

#125467 - 12/29/99 03:00 PM Re: Roland EM2000 vs. Solton X1
George Kaye Offline
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Thanks for the tip about the recall button. It helps to know that. My major concern is this.
If I am using performance #1 which is a heavy metal Rock and Roll sound and style, and now I change to tone and call up the Piano, although by pressing recall I know have no distortion but a nice reverb to go along with the piano, I still have echo on the piano, and unless I go into effects, and scroll through many pages to get to the echo amount and 0 it out, this is confusing to most end users. I wish there weren't so many steps involved to get the right sound. In the Solton and the Yamaha, you always get the right effects because the insert effects change with each sound and only the Reverb is a global parameter in the X1 and all effects change on the Yamaha PSR 8000/9000. But, your comment is a help to me as I don't know if I ever realized what the recall UP1 key really did.
Thanks Again,
George Kaye
George Kaye
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Reseda, California

#125468 - 12/30/99 07:44 AM Re: Roland EM2000 vs. Solton X1
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I know this doesn't REALLY belong in this thread, but here it is anyway... I almost never use the Active button on my EM2000. It rarely seems to enhance the sound selected and I never knew about the Recall button (I will try it). I guess I should go back to reading the manuals again. In short, it is kinda complicated to figure this out...
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