My keyboard player just bought a Q-card for
his QS-7. He uses a notebook computer with
a sequencer to send program changes to his
Keyboard rig (three keyboards and a module)to
configure the programs for each song.

After buying and inserting the Q-card, we noticed that whenever we send a program change to the QS-7 (to call up a User Mix - we have a User mix for each song in the set)
it changes to the correct User Mix for about two seconds, then the display says, "receiving midi data" and it changes to some program called "squigky".

What's really weird is that it is always the same program, no matter what the program change number is.

If we take out the card, the QS-7 responds normally and works correctly, just like before.

Anybody experienced this phenomena? Any ideas how to fix it?

Since Alesis doesn't return email, and I don't have two hours of my life (not to mention the phone bill!)to wait on the phone, getting in touch with their tech support is not an option..


Jay Storey