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#12482 - 10/13/98 09:33 PM wah-wah effect on QS series

I'd like to modify some QS8 programs to include a wah-wah effect. Ideally, it would be controllable via a footpedal, in imitation of the classic outboard devices. Any qs-forum posters out there have a method for doing so on the QS8? Has anyone tried this on another QS series instrument?

[Before going out a plunking down ~$100 US on a pedal, and having another piece of gear to carry, and a battery to go dead, I thought it best to ask the forum members for their input. Thanks all!]

#12483 - 10/14/98 05:16 AM Re: wah-wah effect on QS series

Try to assign the footpedal to the filterfreq and the resonance on the lowpassfilter.
(Thats what I did on my D-50). If you have a bandpassfilter that might be better, just crank the paramters to their limit and you will find something usefull

#12484 - 10/14/98 10:38 AM Re: wah-wah effect on QS series
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Unfortunately, the QS series is unlike many other popular synths in that there is only ONE type of filter... and it sucks!

No lowpass, no bandpass, no cutoff, no resonance... it's a real bummer...

The only way I've seen it done is by sampling four differently filtered sounds and crossfading between them. I don't know about anyone else, but you won't find me doing that...

This is how I solved the problem - I bought a Yamaha as well...

Yeah, I think buying a separate wah-wah pedal would probly be the best way to wah your QS.


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