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#124793 - 04/29/05 03:26 PM Sales of Roland G-70 and US Antitrust laws
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I have read several posts in this forum which keep mentioning how Roland requires that its dealers selling the G-70 restrict themselves to selling only in certin geographical areas. I also understood that dealers can not sell for less than a certain price. I understand that some other manufacturers (e.g. Technics, GEM) impose or used to impose similar agreements on their dealers.

Today I was going through some training that my company requires all employees to take, which includes the Antitrust laws section. As I go through this, it appears very likely that such agreements between the dealers and the manufacturers are very clear violations of the US antitrust laws, and are aimed to restrict the consumer choices.

Is there anyone here who can offer a legal (or otherwise) opinion?



#124794 - 04/29/05 05:07 PM Re: Sales of Roland G-70 and US Antitrust laws
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Actually, as to the price we can sell a keyboard or any other product for is the dealers own decision. All the manufacturer can do is set a Retail price or not and set a minimum advertised price. The MAP price is only the price a dealer can advertise for or quote on a phone conversation. When a customer contacts the dealer directly, the dealer can sell the product or give it away. A manufacturer can say nothing about this.
As to only selling in a certain market area, I have no expertise on this but I understand why the manufacturer wants to allow a dealer in the area to make a sale, but nowadays with the computer, this seems very outdated and unrealistic for todays market place.
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