Hey there,

I don't know if you guys can help me much hear, but I've been looking for an alesis audio forum and this seems like a nice community!

Anyways, my problem is this: I recently got a theremin (super cool) and I'm trying to run it through the vocoder.

I've got it set up to use the FX1 40-band vocoder, but I can not find any effects that will change the tone it makes. Just the lonely theremin noise.

I've got it on double audio in stereo, and I have changed every setting imaginable. I just want to change the tone it makes. Is it possible to make it sound more 'buzzy'? Modulate the sound?

All I have found is that if I turn up the resonance on the filters I can find points that will cause a lot of feedback on the theremin but in no other way is the sound changed

Attached is a diagram of the signal tree http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v221/Tonto1/xxxxx.jpg

Also what I was wondering about is how I can increase the qwuality of my recordings.

I have a really shetto set up where I have a 1/4'' to 3.5mm adapter and then a male-to-male plug runs it into the microphone jack of my computer whereupon I pick it up with audacity.

The quality is terrible! I like lo-fi but it doesn't even like get the point across. Any advice?