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#12401 - 09/25/98 09:47 AM QSR

I recently purchased a QSR (great sounds for the money!). I'm using a Korg M1 as a controller and/or Voyetra's Digital Orchestrator Pro as my sequencer (along w/digital audio for vocal trax). I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to control my QSR from my sequencer. I must admit that I'm not a MIDI expert, but I understand enough to get by (usually...).
If I've got a song/seq in DOP that needs, let's say, 10 channels of MIDI (1 for each QSR voice), I'm assuming that I need to set the QSR into Mix Mode. What's the typical procedure for doing this from a sequencer? I've purchased QSEdit32 and have played around with it some, but I'm wondering if I need to pre-design a "mix" there, save it to disk as a sysex file, and send it down when I load the song into DOP? I can probably do it this way, but if there's an easier way to set a mix dynamically (from a sequencer), I'd be interested in hearing it.
When I'm in Program Mode, the voices sound great. When I design a Mix using those same voices, I almost can't recognize the Programs because they sound so different. I am assuming that this is related to the effects that are set up for a particular program (they don't make it into the mix??). Can someone give me a brief primer on how to keep the good sounds of each individual program once you've thrown several of them into a Mix (to be played by a sequencer). I realize that these are probably basic issues, but I'd appreciate any advice on these -- THANKS A MILLION!!!

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#12402 - 09/25/98 10:45 AM Re: QSR

As far as the Mix change thing goes:
I have no idea how to switch to Mix mode via MIDI - there might just be a simple SysEx message to do it. I just set the QSR in Mix mode and set the MidiMixSel channel to something odd, like 11. Then when I want to select a new mix in a song, I can send a program change message thru Midi. The MidiMixSel option is under the Global edit menu on the QSR.

As far as the Program integrity in a mix:
When you set up a Mix, you can only have one effects channel. Four buses, but only one channel, so four buses TOTAL. The thing is, you have to use the effects setup from one of the programs you are using. This means that the best way to use the effects processor is to set up one channel with a User Program that has just the effects you want and then set the Mix to use that channel for effects.


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