I just bought me a QS6. Great machine. By far the best synth I've ever owned. But as with most synths, onboard patch editing is a bitch. But hey, Alesis bundles a special Alesis version of Unisyn with all their QS synths. Ok...after spending lots of time getting all my settings right, I'm finally able to import and export patches. But when I try to edit them, I run into a new problem. Some of the parameter sliders never move, some of the parameter sliders move only sometimes and very few of the sliders move all the time. For instance, I can't even move between the sound layers. That's one of the sliders that moves sometimes. On two occasions, I've been able to move the slider to the sound 2 position, but then I couldn't move it back to sound 1, nor to sounds 3 or 4. The envelopes...can't change a thing. Anyone have any answers? This is driving me nuts.