Ok, I think I'm making SOME progress in my quest to do some sequencing in Cakewalk. I think I have to assign what instruments I want on what channel in General Midi of MIX 0. I get hoplessly lost, and what I want to do seems pretty simple.
For example: Last night I laid down this cool drum beat with the Straight 8 drum sound I believe it is. I used the page keys to set this to CH10 and set cakewalk to use channel 10. Then I go to a bass sound, but when I hit record, my drum beat turned into an aweful bass harmony . I used the page keys to select a different channel and set that channel up in cakewalk. I hit record, but then my drums didn't play at all.
Now when I turn general midi on and do it that way, I get all these top of the line CHEESEY sounds. Can I assign the Straight 8 kit to play on CH10 in general midi, or how do I work this?

Any advice would be great.