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#12231 - 07/06/99 07:02 PM about optical

I have a s3200 sampler my queation is:
if I connect my akai via optical cable to a digital mixer like 02 yamaha or new soundcraft digital then can I have on this mixers the 8 digital channel splitted ??
thank you and ciao from Italy !!

#12232 - 07/12/99 01:14 AM Re: about optical
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The optical output on your akai is "spdif", not "adat". So it only sends 2 channels of audio. Spdif is the same output you get on the back of cd players, and is stereo.
This is totally different from Adat lightpipe which has 8 channels.

You can connect spdif to a digital mixer, but you will probably need to change it from optical to coaxial, since that is what just about all digital mixers need.

If you want to send 8 channels to a digital mixer, you will need to buy a special "ADAT" add-on card from Akai for your sampler. Then you will be able to send and receive using the ADAT lightpipe format.

I have an ADAT card for my S6000 and it is connected to my PC. With two Adat outputs, I can transfer 16 channels at once (into a motu 2408). It works very nicely.


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