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#122261 - 04/27/00 12:31 PM X1 problems - again
DannyUK Offline
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Has anybody had any other problems with their X1's since owning them? Ive had numerous problems when i first got mine (most of those problems are documented on the previous forum) which included hard drive errors and display malfunctions.

Now my latest replacement (after 3 months) to the addition has yet another problem and its a good'un i'll tell ya! From time to time, the right speaker decides to 'fade' out slightly, leaving the feeling that all the sound is coming out of the left speaker. For me, this was disconcerting as it happened whilst giving a demo of it at the weekend, it really pissed me off.

I have had 3 replacements so far since getting one last september and ive had nothing but trouble with them. Surely I cant be the only unlucky one with this problem? I am pretty glad though I bought it where i did because they are very very helpful and are always willing to replace them. But enough is enough, the X1 has caused me embarressment at the weekend in front of some quite high profile musicians. I think I may change to another make now.


#122262 - 04/27/00 08:31 PM Re: X1 problems - again
RJMiller Offline

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My right speaker is currently not working at all. I am also unable to play MIDI files.
Bell-Solton (US distributor) has informed my dealer that a user's video is being produced. MIDI playback worked when I first got the X1, but I may have changed some setting that disabled it. My three hours troubleshooting using the manual didn't help so I am waiting to give it a try with the video. I am also having other problems. I can live with all the problems because I am using the X1 as a MIDI module triggered with an accordion. I use external speakers only. But, I do expect to have all the problems taken care of under warranty and will start pushing when I lose patience. I have had such good audience reaction to the X1 I would hate to give it up.

#122263 - 05/02/00 11:29 PM Re: X1 problems - again
DannyUK Offline
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Well, I have spoken to my dealer today about this malfuntion, and it turns out that its the actual amplifier within the X1 that's causing this! I cannot believe that there is so many malfuntions with the X1. I will need the amplification card replaced on my machine. Great!

So if anybody has a similar problem to mine, then its more than likely going to be the amplifier card within the X1 needs replacing.


#122264 - 05/06/00 05:12 PM Re: X1 problems - again
Roel Offline

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Hi Danny,

I just wanted to let you know, mine is still very 'healthy' and the X1 performs fine.
I feel sorry for you having this kind of trouble. (must be a 'mondaymorning X1' ?)

Nice to hear the service-people are willing to help.

take care,

Roel NL


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