Hi folks

A bit of a long shot, this, but here goes.
I've just bought an Akai S01 sampler and
read somewhere that there's a piece of
software for my ancient but well useful
Atari ST called Akai Sample Exchange.

It basically allows you to transmit
sysex data such as samples, fx etc in
different Akai formats. I've searched on
Yahoo! for it - known as AkaiSex! - and
it is listed. Unfortunately the link
that features in all the listed pages
is a 404 so I've reached a dead-end.

Has anyone got a copy of AkaiSex they'd
like to share with me? It is freeware
as far as I know. I'd be very grateful.

Likewise a similar Atari program called
Avalon which does much the same thing.

If you can help, please drop me a line.
I'd be happy to exchange samples with
fellow users once I get started with
the S01. Please feel free to mail me

Al Ferrier