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#12076 - 01/04/00 09:13 AM Im a rookie with alot of questions....someone help please!!!

Okay ill try and make it brief.

1) I got my 2KXL and I have a Roland JP8000 synth. Now i was wondering which is the best way to run all my stuff in a live stituation. Im playing all this stuff in a band and i was wondering would it be best to invest in some PA speakers and an amp or something? Or is it best to run direct through the clubs PA live? If i run direct or through whatever, should I also invest into a mixer to run all this??

2)Okay someone told me recently that when i get my 2k that i should invest in a PC editing program like Cakewalk or Acid so that I could edit my loops and then dump them back onto my 2k because the editing capabitilies are somewhat limited on the MPC. So how exactly do theses programs work? How do i transfer my loops from my 2k to the computer to edit my samples?

If you can answer my questions or can tell me anything to help a rookie out thank you very much! =)

#12077 - 01/04/00 02:45 PM Re: Im a rookie with alot of questions....someone help please!!!
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re part 1)

A mixer will help you in any gig situation. In large venues the engineer should take a feed of your submixer (mixer) and give you a monitor feed back. This means you shouldn't need your own PA. If you're playing venues without a good set-up (ie bigish front of house mixing desk and a GOOD monitor mix on stage you may want to get your own speakers.

But if you have a mixer you'll find that you'll be able to produce (to a reasonable degree) your own tracks at home using any piece of sequencing software. This is very good fun. Very very good fun.

2) You should be able to edit loops via a PC with MESA software by Akai (visit Akai web-site). I have a S3000 and I only ever tried it once out of curiosity. It worked. Then it crashed my mac to hell, but I think it was my own fault.

Good Luck. Post again if you need clarification of anything.



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