How come Emu, and maybe a few others design a display that doesn't **** up. I've gotta replace this screen for the fifth time in 2 years between 3 MPC2000's. What's up with that? I know I should turn my gear off atleast once in a while but my studio is 24-7 how come my machine is not? Anyway this the 411. It's a good machine, but the display wasn't designed bulletproof. It might have been a after thought but it should have occured atleast by now they should have recalled the machine because the display cost
$126.00 for the part plus labor to replace. So let the user beware, don't leave the unit on for extended periods of time because the display will fragmentize and deteriorate if left on for more than 3600 hours( 4-5 months).


....if only I wasn't a musician!....I wouldn't be so aggravated with this bad test for reversed R+D.