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#12011 - 11/04/01 10:13 AM Stack overflow using recycle..

Hey all.. Soooo tired of this problem..

I have an Akai S3000XL and i use recycle alot with it. When ive chopped some samples up sometimes i get stack overflow please tell richard (id REALLY like to meet this richard hehe) or something like it. It either happens during the transfer or after the transfer when trying to edit the program. Both cases though one has to reboot the sampler and load all programs again. This tends to happen when I too many samples at once, not how long the samples are, but how many "slots" i use. I know theres a limit of 255 (right?) but this happens alot even around 100 samples..

Only workaround atm is to transfer the prg first and then load in the "song" from the hd. Other way around just gets back that same problem.. wierd huh?

oh well someone must know?!?



#12012 - 11/13/01 02:56 AM Re: Stack overflow using recycle..
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I keep getting this too... I can't help but I just wondered who Richard was!

By the way, do you use MESA or does it mess with your system? It does mine. Are there any alternatives?


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