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#12006 - 12/14/99 07:48 AM mpc 2000XLSP more memory???

Does ANYONE know if the Studio Plus version of the new XL ship with 32 megs?
i know it has the 8 outs and effects board..
but does it have more megs?!
it seems nobody has the answer.. i've checked online catalogs, telephoned dealers, even akai's home page makes no mention!
please help if you can!

#12007 - 12/15/99 08:38 AM Re: mpc 2000XLSP more memory???
Travis Offline

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Well, try calling your local music shop. If that fails. RAM is fairly cheap for the MPC. I bought 32 Megs for my MPC 2000 for only about $120.

Also, take my word for it - get a ZIP drive. Saves an incredible amount of time and energy!!

Good Luck!


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