I own and work with a S3000XL, using OS 2.00, and I'm having a few problems with MIDI implementation.
At the end of my manual there is a list of MIDI controllers (0 - 127) including such parameters as portamento, volume, balance and so on. When I try to use these controllers from my sequencer (Cakewalk Pro Audio 9) my sampler reacts to some but not all. For instance, volume, panpot or modulation are not a problem. But when I try to send messages using controllers 72 or 73 (listed respectively as release and attack time by default in my manual) nothing happens. The manual says something about selecting these parameters in GLOBAL mode in the main MIDI page, and I've figured out how to assign and use an external controller to increase or decrease filter cutoff value, but I just can't get the envelope to respond. Is there anyone out there who's already encountered and overcome this problem? If so I'd be extremely grateful for any advice you could give.
Thanks, jahkobi ( jahkobi@microatoll.com )