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#116597 - 11/28/04 11:04 AM More G-70 pics
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#116598 - 11/28/04 01:53 PM Re: More G-70 pics
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It looks like the Tyros-stand is used (again) to carry the G70

#116599 - 11/28/04 08:04 PM Re: More G-70 pics
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I was under the impression from earlier posts by George Kaye and others that the G70 allows the user to navigate either using the touchscreen or buttons.

Yet, looking at the instrument, it seems to me that the only way to make the selections of styles, voices, performances, etc. is via the touchscreen.

Did Roland Not LISTEN ? or are they trying to save the cost of 10 buttons which would be needed to make those individual selections ?

We were only complaining here for 5 years, since VA7 came out, and pleading with them.

All of a sudden the G70 looks a lot less attractive to me.


#116600 - 11/29/04 03:04 PM Re: More G-70 pics
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Hi Alex
I have a PA1x pro and as you know the Korg also use a touchscreen.
To navigate through the style (or sound) section pages you don't have to use the screen, but you can use the style (sound)buttons itself.Push a style (or sound)button again and the next tab appear on your screen.
Only when you choose a style (or sound)to play you must touch it on screen.
For changing a parameter you only have to select it on screen and use the dial button.
Once you are used to it, it's very easy and quick.
Maybe Roland use the same method.


#116601 - 11/29/04 03:50 PM Re: More G-70 pics
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is the Tyros stand different from normal stand? Any special requirement? I thought they are the same.

Originally posted by Roel:
It looks like the Tyros-stand is used (again) to carry the G70


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