A few observations after spending two weeks with my X1:
Great pianos
Clarinet sucks - I've heard better clarinets on 1970's Lowery organs
Trumpets very good
French Horns suck
Manual sucks
Organs very good
Ease of use - poor
Styles absolutely fabulous
overall sound - great
screen - just ok, could be bigger, better angle
overall layout - fair
Mic input location - poor - should be on back out of the way

The PSR740 that I had did a few thing better. I wish that the X1 could retard an ending. The PSR allowed you to use an intro and play style B,C, or D. The X1 always goes to A, that's pretty poor. The PSR sweet voices were better than the comparable X1 voices. Some of the Solton intros and endings are either too complex or too song specific. The keyboard harmony choices on the 740 were better. Even if the new software release will allow an ending to retard they will probably place the control under the Arab section or some other damn fool place.

Even though the X1 has a few faults I absolutely love it and plan to use it professionally. The sound is truly outstanding. They could learn a few layout and playability options from the other companies.

Best Regards,