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#106160 - 07/19/00 05:19 AM Playing the black and white keys!

Hi Marek,
You seem a good Fill in player to me. Did you
ever try to make some music on the black and
the white keys . Isn't it a bit tedious only
to use the intro,s ,the fills and the endings. Try to play music on the big white and the a little bit smaller black keys between your fill ins, when you do it in the
right order of succession you will hear a kind of melody. Could be nice. After a few
weeks you will see that you don't have to use
fill ins sometimes at all. If you want to stay a fill in player than I can give you a
good advice ,buy the Royasolnixiorg F12 , it comes with 29 fill ins and no irritating black and white keys. Why just 29 and not 30?
That is for the discussion.
Try it and be happy!
Mart Weeho

#106161 - 07/19/00 09:48 AM Re: Playing the black and white keys!
Marek Offline

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Hi Mart,

thanks for your helpful recommendation regarding white and black keys, but I have to dissapoint you: I have already found and played them.
I have also one recommendation for you: if you do not need these annoying and boring Fill-In, OTS, Variations and similar buttons, just buy e.g. Yamaha P-80 (or Roland FP-9, if you are Roland fan). It has no Fill-In or Variation buttons and has much more black and white keys than your VA-7. I have the P-80 and I can tell you it's wonderfull instrument (some disadvantages, which can bother you - P-80 has not touch screen and style-morphing).



#106162 - 07/19/00 11:23 AM Re: Playing the black and white keys!
Ilija Petkovski Offline

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Dear Mart,

What kind of crap are you writing there? Where did you find the guts to write such ... mail? No FILL ins needed? Are you playing in front of grandmamma's all the time? I hope you can respect other people's wishes instead of saying what to do or NOT to do ok?


#106163 - 07/19/00 02:07 PM Re: Playing the black and white keys!
sk880user Offline

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What about playing on the keyboard keys while playing the fill-ins? *smile*

I hope you are getting my point. Please do not take any my comments personally. When Marek was commenting on the VA-7, he did not attack your or mock you. He simply stated his own reasons why he won't buy the keyboard. That does not mean your keyboard is bad. But it means a lot to others who want to know about it. Some regard the fill-ins functionality as important and therefore, they would take those comments in consideration. While others care more about the quality of sounds/styles than fill-ins. It all depends on what kind of musician you are and what kind style of music you play.

Sometimes when buying a new keyboard and liking that keyboard, a person my feel defensive if any other user attacks his keyboard. Especially, if the criticism does not present any points he cares about. Let us remember that we are not paid by the keyboard manufacturers to defend their keyboards. Instead, we are paying them so we can own a keyboard (which in many times has operating system bugs and missing functionalities such as the SK880 MISSING A COMPETITIVE PIANO SOUND). In the mean time, enjoy the VA7 and while at it, keep encouraging other users to comment on your keyboard. So Roland will listen and improve the VA7: a possible benefit for you personally.


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