Here's a song I do when a hurricane is around.

Hurricane – Leon Everette Key: E Tempo: 16-beat 82

[1] Thirty miles out in the [3] gulfstream, I can [4] hear those south winds [1] moan.
The bridges are lookin’ [3] lower, [4] shrimp boasts hurryin’ [5] home.
The old man down in the [3] quarter, [4] slowly turn his [1] head.
Took another sip of [3] whiskey, then he [4] looked at me and [1] said:

Well I was [1] born in the rain by the [3] Ponchertrain,
Under [4] neath that Louisiana [1] moon.
[1] Don’t mind the strain of the [3] hurricane,
She [4] comes ‘round every [5-7th] June.
The [1] high black water, she’s the [3] devil’s daughter,
She’s [4] hard and she’s cold and she’s [1] mean.
Nobody taught her that it [3] takes a lot of water to [4] wash away New Or [1] leans.

A man come down from Chicago, gonna set that levee right.
He said it’s got to be three feet higher, or it won’t make it through the night.
The old man down in the quarter, said don’t you listen to that boy.
Water’ll be down by mornin’ son, he’ll be on his way to Illinois.