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#102977 - 02/07/01 11:00 AM 740 or KN5000?
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Tomorrow, I wil buy a keyboard. It will be PSR740 (1100$) or KN5000 (1200$, new). But now, I do not what I will buy.

I have listened styles converted from Rooland on PSR. They go well, but intros not well, they have a lot of not desired tonal changes...(is that normal). I like sounds on PSR, but not specially piano. I don't like to have only 3 user styles: it will be terrible If I have a lor of styles. And I don't like too its unfriendly manner to change volume of right 1,2 and leeft.

I have not see KN5000, but KN6000 I think is superb, and sounds great (but 2.200$). So... are KN5000 sounds comparables to PSR, specially piano and flutes and strings? KN likes a lot better keyboard, but... Where can I have styles from Roland to go on KN?

Please, help me. I would like your opinions about my doubt. God will be good with all of you...

#102978 - 02/07/01 12:05 PM Re: 740 or KN5000?
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The answer here is a "NO BRAINER".
Go with the TECHINICS KN5000. At $1,200 (US dollars?)new, it's a "steal" and WAY ahead in both sound quality and features compared to the Yamaha PSR740. I am a pro musician and still use my KN5000 everyday. It continues to meet and exceed my paying clients/audience expectations. If it really is going for $1,200 (US dollars), I might even consider purchasing a second one.

BTW, did you check out my songs which I produced on the KN5000?

Go to the Song Demo page to download the MP3 songs.

- Scott

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#102979 - 02/07/01 01:39 PM Re: 740 or KN5000?
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Joseluis! - It's make your mind up time then I see!

This link here
...Is only one of many that compare the kn5000 to the 740. Well, I have had a kn5000, and I too may be biased, but recommending a kn5000 to you isnít going to put ££ in my pocket!

It is, in my opinion, a class above the Yamaha 740 - taking all things into consideration. It has 66 watts of output compared to the 10 watts or so for the Yamaha. You mentioned earlier Joseluis, that the keyboard is "Old" (kn5000), and that the Shop dealer doesnít recommend it - I think the shop owner wants his ears testing... You said "dealer tells me KN5000 is a not good buy, becase is old... (three years and it is old!!!),

Well, My uncle has a kn2000 - and is still going strong with that - and that is 8 years old!. He also has a kn800 which is over 10 years old. and I have a Kawai K4 synth with superb vocal pads - and that's 7 years old!. Doesn't matter how old a keyboard is joseluis, it is the "lasting Quality" that counts

Yes, there is a Harmoniser on the 740 - but is it good enough for "Pro's"? Here in England, You can pick up a Yamaha 740 for £599, whereas a kn5000 will set you back £849.00 ($869, $1,230 respectively). Check here for an example :

At the end of the day though (could that be tomorrow!) the choice is yours!


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#102980 - 02/07/01 03:33 PM Re: 740 or KN5000?
ricok987 Offline

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Where can I get a KN5000 for $1200?

#102981 - 02/07/01 04:09 PM Re: 740 or KN5000?
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The Kn5000 is a much better keyboard than
the psr 740. The Kn5000 was technic's flagship keyboard before the Kn6000.
The sound system on the kn5000 is the same system on the kn6000 (66 watts) and sounds
tremendous. The sound system on the psr 740
is very weak and underpowred. There is no comparison. The Kn5000 has a terrific sequencer. You can input complex chord changes in step entry mode and perform extensive editing to your sequences. The 740 does not have a real sequencer. It records a song directly to the disk and there is no ability to edit the sequence. The construction feels flimsy and the key action is mushy compared to the kn5000. The user interface is terrible compared to the kn5000.
There is one keypad that you use to select
voices, styles and tempos. You must first press a button to put the keypad into the correct mode, then you enter a numeric value to select the style, voice or tempo. If you do not enter a numeric value, you must scroll thru hundreds of choices. This is very cumbersome when you are playing live. The kn5000 has dedicated controls to select styles, voices and tempos. It is much faster and intuitive. The 740 is a decent keyboard at $900 to a $1000. A kn5000 for $1,200 is a much better keyboard for a little more money.

#102982 - 02/07/01 08:05 PM Re: 740 or KN5000?
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Where can you get a 5000 for $1200? Would be interested... Hugh

#102983 - 03/01/01 02:27 PM Re: 740 or KN5000?
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In defense of the PSR740,yes it has an inferior speaker system and seqencing facilities but only to keep the price down.Try running the keyboard through a PA sytem as I do and it kicks ass.Also bear in mind that
the PSR9000 is based on the 740 but with all the extras.The
740 is also a cut down version of the PSR8000
(the previous flagship)sharing the same ROM,organ flutes and Harmoniser.I bought this keyboard for the
Harmoniser and Karaoke abilities and this keyboard wins hands down in my opinion over
the KN5000,etc!Bear in mind that music is a
very subjective thing open to extreme points of view and if you like the Roland then thats fine by me!If you like the Yamaha then go for that,simple!theres no right and
wrongs in gear,just good musicianship and thats what counts.Best regards...Jock

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#102984 - 03/02/01 09:15 AM Re: 740 or KN5000?
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So...the price of a new KN5000 for $1,200 still a mystery huh? where???


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