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#1016 - 03/28/02 05:25 PM New copy protection bill before Congress
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Here's some interesting reading i found over at's Focus On Windows forum about a new bill before Congress concerning copy protection. This paragraph kinda stood out:

"According to the CBDTPA, any software with the ability to reproduce "copyrighted works" may not be sold in the United States after the Federal Communications Commission's regulations take effect. Even programmers who distribute their code for free would be prohibited from releasing newer versions -- unless the application included federally approved technology.",1283,51274,00.html

Here's more on this story as of today (March 28):,1285,51337,00.html

#1017 - 03/29/02 08:36 AM Re: New copy protection bill before Congress
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These things never pass. Like that stupid bill about obligatory copy protection in everything. The world is heading for an all out open source peer to peer copyright infringement chaos and corporations don't know how to handle it. Not that they can even.


#1018 - 03/29/02 02:21 PM Re: New copy protection bill before Congress
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Have some news for you;
Kazaa (same as morpheus) just won their case in the netherlands, which was brought up against them by buma/stemra.

One of the arguments used by the court was the fact that if they would forbid the Kazaa software, they also had to forbid Microsoft's outlook, and all other software which could be used to transfer files!

One of the very important conclusions was
that the softwaremakers were not the cause of illegal copying but the users who did this!

Now the usa can make barriers for steel,, but to avoid what they want they will have to close internet I guess for all american users!

Damn......Tek was wright Internet should be updated!
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