OK I'm not trying to get everyone in an argument. Here's my case. Two reliable sources say the Mackie's are much better than the JBL's. And I believe them. However another reliable source says it depends on the money also. Unlimited funds available get the Mackie SRM 450.

However I don't have money to burn. So If a pair of Mackie SRM 450 speakers are $1400 and a pair of JBL EON Powered 15" speakers can be bought for $760 in your opinion should I make a lone to get the Mackies.

Hope more of you folks have experience with these or at lease have had the oportunity to hear and compare them. In my town not one of the three music stores has either of these speakers. They would have to order them or I have to get them from Zzounds.

I can only compare Yamaha and Soundtech at one store and I have to go to another store for the Peavey and that is all he carries. So there is nothing to compare the Peavey to live. Sometimes I wish I was back in New Orleans.

I'd have to go to Denver or Salt Lake over 250 miles to do this myself. That is why I'm having trouble making up my mind. I wish I could hear and compare them myself. However, driving over the continental divide is not a pleasant trip sometimes over ice and snow.

Hope I can get more help here.
Thanks for your time.
Boo Hargis
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