While waiting for an acceptable keyboard (not perfect), I think this keyboard will do for me. I am not exactly estatic but it's allright for the price of only $300 out the door at GC.

This keyboard gives me a BIG relief over Yamaha PSR2000 and Korg PA80. Those two boards really disatisfy me. PSR2000 with its yucky key feel (BAD) and PA80 with frustrating operation.

Here are the details:

Voice: piano, brass, strings, fingered bass are all usable. Nothing to rave about. PSR2000 is better except the piano and bass. Of course PA80 is superior here.

Keyfeel: after PSR2000 fiasco, what a relief !! They keyboard feel is acceptable.

76 keys is very helpful also.

Lightweight - big relief compared to the HEAVY Korg i30 or Korg PA80

Manual bass: no problemo here. The finger bass sounds acceptable.

Internal speakers: LOUD, very nice. I think it sounds BETTER than PSR2000

Layered voices: UPPER1, UPPER2, LOWER1 and LOWER2. Better than PSR2000 which does not have LOWER2 !!

Drum rythms: well, this one needs lots of improvement to be frank. But I can live with it somehow. For $300, it's OK. PSR2000 better.

Fills: only two variations and you have to press one or two seconds to develop the nice fills which takes your hands off the bass. Not too happy here. PSR2000 better.

Function access: is OK, can be better but definitely not as frustrating as KORG PA80.

Registration memory: simple to use. Even easier than PSR2000 and PA80.

I think CASIO WK1800 is better because it has the the extra output and also the floppy for convenience.