Hi fellow musicians,

I have a favour to ask!..Admin cleared this as OK to post.

I'm conducting research to get feedback from musicians, all instruments, both amateur and professional, interested in knowing more about the music community resources, to find out what information would be useful for them.

I'm in the proposal stage of a plan for a website that aims to address the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual elements of a musician's life. This would include community resource listings such as this forum, music tips, event listings, creative processing, realistic goal setting, posting your mp3s for download sale, health tips, networking with other musicians, opportunities for band and individual promotion, best purchase price sources, and other useful information for musicians.

Could you please help by filling out my short on-line survey?. I need to support my idea with feedback from musicians. Your private information will not be made public. Please forward to any friends you feel might be interested, but DON'T post on forums, unless you are the admin contact...I am contacting them individually for permission to post.

Michael Beechey

Survey site:


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