I took piano lesson for close to 20 years, but never really kept up with it. I started out taking YAMAHA piano classe's, and then moevd to a private instructor. I had learned from someone who, I thought was a good teacher? I learned to play useing the John Shawm method. I learned the classical method of playing. My instructor was nice, but I don't feel I really learned anything, nor was it exciteing, or enjoyable. Playing the piano, was more like a chore, and I hated it. That's also why I hated to practice. Not only that, I never really fully mastered a peice, I was moved on to the next peice, even though I felt I had not really accomplished the perivous peice. Also, I felt that I did not have any real talent. That's another reason, why I never kept up with learning to play. Plus I had a hard time reading sheet music, espically classical music. It's like reading another language.

What I do know is this. I can read indivdiual notes, and know where they are on the keyboard, and I can play some tunes, nothing, too earth shattering though.

The reason, why I birng this up, is becuase I met, a profsssional musician. Who not only plays, the piano, but the Harpsichord as well. He's had 30 years of expeicne, He even met Freddie Mercury. Played in D.C. and New York. I met him, while he was performing at my place of business. I had mentioned, that there aren't too many people who play the Harpsichord? He siad that was true and, asked me if I played? I said not really, but that I did have some training, but I did not feel I leraned enough. He siad he was willing to tech me, and make learing to play more enjoyable. Mainly because, most piano, teachers, really don't know how to teach properly. I've been thinking about calling this gentleman, and learn form him. Only, becuae I would like to learn to play again, plus I have some keyboards, that are collceting dust, more then being used.