You need a progam that supports the midi Sample Dump Standard. Otherwise known as midi SDS. It was the first attempt to make sample transfers compatible between all sorts of devices. It works. But it's bleeding slow if your samples are larger than 300-400kb. SMDI uses the SCSI chain and is much faster, but not supported with the SY85. I used to port samples from the 85 to my SY99 in two different ways.

1.) using Midi SDS. For 512k memory blocks it'll do. It works, it's compatible, can't complain. Software like "Wavelab" will let you dump samples into your computer using SDS and then you can save them as wav or aiff files.

2.) Save the samples on the SY85 to floppy. then load them into another instrument (ie. SY99) that uses the same format. Or there are a few sample file format converters on the market. Some are freeware. There is a little program called "Convert" that's free. There's a better one called "Wave-to For Windows" but I can't find a copy to buy, only demo. These programs will let you take the SY85 samples and convert them to wav files for general use. Or convert many different sample formats (like wav or aiff) into SY sample format. Save it to disk, then load them in to the 85.



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