Okay, well... I personally use a Yamaha DX100 with a Radio Shack Optimus MPA-50 40watt Amplifier with my own custom made Golden Throat talkbox I call the Golden Throat LE... once you have the necessary items and those correct settings... you will have that sound but... you can sometimes come across the old EH Golden Throat at www.ebay.com as well as the Dx100 there too.

... for an alternative... the Yamaha DX27 or DX21 keyboards with a horn driver that's frequency response is between 100Hz-8,000kHz and a Fender Frontman 15 Series 1 Amplifier (15watts).

You can find the Dx27 and Dx21 at ebay and the Frontman 15 amp too. You basically want a keyboard where you are able to alter the orginal sound and change it into Roger's signature talkbox sound... you want a keyboard that has either the FM PULSE or FM SAWTOOTH sounds on them.

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