Thanks, Robert

Here is some similar input from Kirill 'Big K' Katsnelson from the synths newsgroup.

I translated the specs with a help from my friend (or better honestly,
he made most of it, while I was only guessing technical term from the
phonetic alphabet):

Sound generator: AWM2
Maximum polyphony: 128
Multitimbral capacity: 64
Voices: 1396 normal + 58 drum kits, 100 preset performances + 100
internal performances
Effects: 8 total: reverb x18, chorus x20, Variation x97, 4 insertion
x97, 5-band EQ.
Sampling (MU2000 only): Wave memory: 4MB, Number of voices: 256 normal
+ 4 drum kits. Supported file format: WAV/AIFF/DLS/MU SAMPLING file
MIDI File playback function (MU2000 only): SMF Format 0, MU SEQ Player
file (SMF format)
Display: Custom LCD (backlit)
Jacks: Output (L/R RCA), digital out (optical), input (L/R RCA),
AD input (standard phono x2), Headphone (stereo mini), XG plug-in
system expansion slot (x3), TO HOST, USB connector, SmartMedia
(tm) slot (MU2000 only), DC IN, MIDI IN A x2 (rear/front
switching), IN B-OUT-THRU.
Size/Weight 220Wx91Hx235D mm, 1.9 kg
Accessories included: CD-ROM, AC Adapter PA-6

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