Hoping the findings of why my KN7000 suddenly failed may help others.

My KN7000 suddenly crashed whilst loading data from the floppy drive, it would try and reboot, but after a couple of attempts completely crashed with no sign of life except the blue light down by the SD card.

Full credit to the engineer who looked at my KN7000 on the isle of wight. An initialisation of the keyboard brought it back to life but was not the final solution.
Everytime data was loaded from the floppy drive the instrument would crash, however he found that when loading all forms of data except custom styles the keyboard worked fine. A hardware test confirmed everything was working fine including disk drive and memory.

Custom styles would load individually and overwrite every allocation for custom styles except the allocation No 9 which would not overwrite, playing the style in No 9 slot also caused problems to the keyboard.

Not being able to overwrite this style even with an individual blank composer transfer led him to try a complete "clear custom style" sent to me by one of the forum members (Joan) according to the engineer this immediatly cleared the problem.

Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem.

Kind regards