I made my resgistration 15 days ago....
But every time I try to log in to KN7000 site I always receive the message "Your profile has not been activated yet" Is this a place for some "experts" or is a public site.?
My password is correct.
Who is responsable for this kind of things?
I would be very gratefull to you Alec if you can help me with this.

Another question .... I don't imagine why in Portugal I have received my KN7000 with the owner's manual in German....where can I find one in English??? My dealer says the fault is from Technics, and will ask them to get some in English .... but this mean I will have it no less before two or three weeks, can you help me???
Alec, I would be very gratefull if answer to my questions.... if my English is so poor... you can imagine my German ....!