While I wait for my KN7000 to be converted from a UK KN7000 to a US model, three weeks ago, I ordered the "NEW Improved Extended Music Rack" from Technote America. With no answer from Technote as to why it took so long to get to me, it finally arrived. As Shakespeare said in the title of one of his plays, "Much Ado About Nothing" couldn't be truer. I say this because of the price. This music rack cost me $60. plus shipping. It has to be the biggest rip-off on the planet. $9.95 would be more of a realistic price. I had hoped that it would be stronger attached and it isn't. It simply slips over the present flimsy one that comes with the KN keyboards. The questions are: Does it look better? I guess. Does it hold more music books than the original rack? Yes. Is it worth the price? Well, you know the answer to that. For all you members that didn't spring for this puppy, consider yourselves lucky.