For those of you who don't know I started my own website on the ARP Omni synthesizer. Mainly since there is really no information anywhere on it apart from reviews and pictures on it, on a few websites. Actually the Omni 2 gets more attention then the omni 1. I am trying to rectify that problem.

Also I noticed there are not too many ARP related websites out there either. Though I have found a few. I can't even find any MP3s of solo performances of the Omni or any other ARP synths. I did manage to find an MP3 of a recording of an Omni Demnonstration from an orginal ARP OMNI Flexi Disk.

Oh and Nigel I noticed you don't have a catagory on this BBS on ARP synthesizers. I was just courious as why you don't have one, thoguh I am sure you have your reasons. Or is there just not enough intrest in ARP synthesizers not to have a catagory? I am not asking for one I was just making an obsevation.

Okay I now it may seem odd for someone like myself to have a web site on an almost 30 year old synth. But then this was the frist vinatge analog synth I ever bought. It just seems to me that a lot of other synths like; Moog and a few others get more regogniton then ARP. But don't ARP Synths deserve the same regogniton?

Okay! I have finished ranting.

Stop bye and check out my website on the OMNI if you have a chance.