TheYamaha forum here in the Synthzone is hardly ever used. maybe we can start using it as the Tyros 2 Forum.
I suggest you post all your Tyros 2 info, demos, pics, etc, in the Yamaha forum instead of the Technics or GA forum where you have to wade through a bunch of posts always changing the scope of the original topic, to get to the good info we are looking for to help us make decisions about upgrading to this new state of the art keyboard.
Please post your Tyros info there and also copies of any information only you have already posted in this forum.
Let us make the Yamaha Forum into our own Tyros 2 Forum. Just click on this url to go there and then you can put a shortcut on your desktop:

I will ask Nigel to change the name of that forum to the Tyros 2 forum
Best to all,

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