ATTN: All TYROS 2 Interested People

Posted by: BEBOP

ATTN: All TYROS 2 Interested People - 10/09/05 09:59 AM

TheYamaha forum here in the Synthzone is hardly ever used. maybe we can start using it as the Tyros 2 Forum.
I suggest you post all your Tyros 2 info, demos, pics, etc, in the Yamaha forum instead of the Technics or GA forum where you have to wade through a bunch of posts always changing the scope of the original topic, to get to the good info we are looking for to help us make decisions about upgrading to this new state of the art keyboard.
Please post your Tyros info there and also copies of any information only you have already posted in this forum.
Let us make the Yamaha Forum into our own Tyros 2 Forum. Just click on this url to go there and then you can put a shortcut on your desktop:

I will ask Nigel to change the name of that forum to the Tyros 2 forum
Best to all,

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Posted by: paulinez

Re: ATTN: All TYROS 2 Interested People - 10/09/05 11:03 AM

Hi Bebop,
Sounds good to me. That will great for all Tyro 2 people to help each other out. I am sure there will be alot of questions and answers will certainly be appreciated. As usual Bill you are always there to help others.
Posted by: Peter Lowden

Re: ATTN: All TYROS 2 Interested People - 10/09/05 11:09 AM

Fantastic idea Bebop, love to be a part of the group.

Kind regards

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: ATTN: All TYROS 2 Interested People - 10/09/05 11:53 AM

I like it best when we are all friends!!!
I have a good friend who knocks me out no matter instrument he plays. He is a great Pro Player. When we hear the demo's on our Keyboards we think FAB, but we can't find a preset to imitate the sound. My friend has the ability to produce “similar sounds” again “similar sounds” without the use of the Sequencer!!
And I did say similar “not as good as”
When I ask him, which. Keyboard he favours, his reply is the one that sounds the best to my ears.
He has KN7000 and Tyros, layered, and if I am not looking at him playing I find it hard to say which one he is playing.
And I have a good ear, “two to be factual” So although I prefer to play Technics, is it the sound? Or the ease of playing Technics? Am I right to say I am a technics man, yes I am right, just as a Yamaha – Korg – Roland etc
Player has right to say, I like my Keyboard better than Technics.
Good luck to us all when we buy our next Keyboard, whatever name is on it. If it sounds as good as the KN2000 repeat “KN2000”!! Then I will be happy, Our Boards will not last forever, and have we gone as far as we can in reproducing imitations of real instruments? Never will there be a truly reproduced sound, we who play, or have played Trumpet Saxophone etc, can tell the reproduced sound from real instruments, but who cares, if it is nice to hear, then it’s a good sound!!!! “It’s not a trumpet! but what a good sound “that matters”
My hand is offered in friendship to he or she, who wants to take it.Techie or Yhamy
I am your’s faithfully.

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Posted by: BEBOP

Re: ATTN: All TYROS 2 Interested People - 10/09/05 12:53 PM

Here is another website that is committed to Tyros 2 only at: