Hi Folks.
I have sold one of my KN7000's!!
I have bought another KN2000.
I am speaking to both sides of the pond!
I am at present using an Alesis Microverb 3,
Mic in to Alesis 3 and Alesis 3 line out to Line in on KN2000. (There is no Mic input on the KN2000) The sound is of good quality really good!!! The Alesis has a good preamp
and puts a strong signal into the KN2000.
It is quite loud! However I am scared of overloading the KN's speakers.The Alesis does not make the KN2000 any louder of course, But the voccals sound great, and powerful
I am thinking in the near future of doing some charity playing and singing in the main, to elderly people (I am one)
My question is!!!
I want a very light amp and speakers.
Something similar to the Tyros 2 set up.
I heard it a couple of weeks ago and it is quite loud, and very small speakers. I need a similar setup.My 500 watt amp and 15" speakers are too heavy. Any idea's anyone.
Kind regards.
Joe. ps Nigel kindly let me use my own name
Joe Baron instead of phil Lynch (stage name)