I am programming an external device to send the appropriate commands to select Sounds for various MIDI channels on my KN6000. For all the regular sounds, I follow the info in the blue manual that came with my KN6000, to obtain the MSB, LSB and Program Change #. I get this to work fine by sending a Hex string with the appropriate commands.

However, there is no listing in the blue manual for MY sounds, those I created and stored in the Sound MEmory. On the KN5000, the blue manual had the data on how to get at
these (although it did have an error), but the KN6000 blue book seems to have no mention of how to select these sounds that are in Sound Memory.

fyi, an example of a MIDI string (in HEX) that I use looks something like this:

Bn 20 1A Cn 4C Bn 20 00

where 'n' is the hex code for MIDI channel
(0-15 for MIDI channels 1-16); Bn means "Bank change coming", 20 means "LSB coming", 1A is a an eleven in Hex (LSB data); Cn means "Program change coming on Midi ch n"; 4C is Hex for program change 77 as an example; the rest of the string re-sets the Bank # so that future commands work OK. I might have left one byte out; I'm doing this from memory!

Works great; I can call up any sound I want, on any MIDI channel, with one button press of my external device.

Is anyone else doing this sort of thing?