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I've posted this message at my tread with the 'Open letter to Technote'. I think that it might fit in here too, because many of you use the link stright to this topic, so I'll take the risk to repeat it:

The 'Jungle Telegraph'is a very strong tool, and that tool have been spoken for Technotes benefit for a long time. Now they've managed to turn it against themselves.
Now, when our blood is "heated up to the high level", we most not forget that Technote has been a great place, and that our goal is not to make any more damage, but get things sorted out so we could carry on the good things we was a part of, even if it look like that's never going to happen right at the moment.

Myself, I have tried to reach in to the Technote admin by use of the forum, because this is a common matter for all of us who where regulary users/members, instead of use a e-mail directly to Nik or Graham. But you have all seen what happened.

Please, don't make this to a war against Technote, but rather see it as we are no longer welcome to use the service as we was lucky to be a part of. They don't want let any of us know about the facts why they act like they do, and as already said, there most be a reason. Until we know more about the exact reason, and no users have got any personal message about it, there is nothing more we can do about it than look into ourselves and see if there was something illegal things we did. If it's so, then we have to be careful and not repeat it here at this forum so we have to go through it all again. Even if the "space under the roof" is quite high here at Nigel's forums, there is no need to jump higher than nessesary.

This is my final comment on this matters, unless there is coming any comments from Technote to be replied.
Let's look forward, enjoy and have fun with the music, and use this forum in a proper way so that Nigel don't have to step in and calm us down too often

Kind regards

The rest of the story you'll find here:

So as Graham say, LOOK FORWARD.

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