Hey it's great so see all the new members from the Technote forum. BEBOP got in touch with me about this and to see if it would be OK if a number of members used the Synth Zone Technics forum. And of course you are all very welcome. It is fantastic to see new life on what has been a quiet forum to date. And I see Gunnar Jonny ,TomTomSF, Bob and Frank are here to welcome you as well. These guys plus many others on the Synth Zone BBS have an incredible collective knowledge about keyboards, especially Arranger Keyboards. And I'm sure you new members will add even more to the pool of experience.

Commercewise I can guarantee a POPUP FREE ZONE. Apart from the page top banner there is no other advertising to put up with. I allow music businesses the occasional product announcement on the forums but if that is abused I delete the postings and the ability to post. If you wish to prevent your email address from being made available then that is an option in the "Profile" menu (near the top of the BBS pages).

I hope it becomes a thriving source of Technics information for you all.


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