Hi John and Chuck,
to avoid misunderstandings I have to clarify how things work here in Holland.
One can borrow books, CD's, DVD, musicsheets etc.etc. from The public local libraries. One have to be a (paying) member to borrow stuff. Mostly smaller village have less articles. The greater cities (like The Hague) has larger collections. One can borrow via the internet from your local library and reserve what you whish to have (and what is available at that moment or later). But one need a password and a registration-/membercode.
So I am sorry to disappoint you, it is only for the dutch librarymember. Maybe it is organised in the same way in your countries?

For your information there is an english pdf-file if you whish to know more about: http://www.bibliotheekdenhaag.nl/english/

The Hague is about 15 minutes cardrive; so now 'winterperiod' is coming there is now more sparetime for the inhome hobbies I guess I frequently will visited that library
Cees wink
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