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Posted by: Joan

Music Scores - 09/07/04 11:52 AM

Hi there - in the course of "talking by Email" to various KN players that I have "met" through this forum I have mentioned that I "borrow" music sheets/scores from my local library.

More than one of these players has mentioned that it had never occurred to them to see if their library had a sheet music section.

My local library is part of the Hampshire Country Library service and on-line, I can look at their catalogue to see if there is a particular book in any of the 100 or so branch libraries in the county. I have recently been able to track down a book that is now out of print, reserve it, and had it sent to my local library so that I could borrow it.

Worth a try if you are after a particular melody - how often have you looked at a musicbook of 20 or so songs and you have most of them already? Joan
Posted by: Brian Goodison

Re: Music Scores - 09/07/04 12:18 PM

Great idea Joan,

I will pop down to Bridlington Library tomorrow and see what they have.



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Posted by: Chuck Piper

Re: Music Scores - 09/07/04 02:57 PM

Hi Joan,

Thank you for making me aware that libraries are a source for sheet music and music books. I've used libraries from time to time but it never occurred to me look for music. Thanks to you, I now have two library websites in my "favorites" and will begin using libraries to obtain music when needed.

Best Wishes,

Posted by: lahawk

Re: Music Scores - 09/07/04 04:51 PM

That might be a UK attribute only.
Here in the States, I don't recall music scores in our Public Libraries, but then I never really looked.

I'll have to go pay a visit, and check it out.

Thanks for the tip know I appreciate it.

Posted by: etwo4788

Re: Music Scores - 09/07/04 05:03 PM

LIBRARIES in the U.S. are great resources for music! Mostly I find books full of information about composers, types of music, etc. Sometimes even find the actual songs I may be looking for....

It is a "seek & find" kind of thing....well worth the research!
Posted by: cees

Re: Music Scores - 09/07/04 11:55 PM

Hi Joan,
you're quit right with your appreciated suggestion. Our local library does not have musicsheets but one can order/search in the digital database of other libraries.
Beside that I visited a large library in The Hague and the collection they have is like a paradise for keyboardist: full of all kinds of musicsheets and fakebooks
The only thing to be done now is the playing
Greetings Cees
Posted by: bruno123

Re: Music Scores - 09/12/04 03:24 AM

Hi cees,
Can we reach the library in Hague on-line? If so could you give us the internet address?
Thanks so much. John C.
Posted by: Chuck Piper

Re: Music Scores - 09/12/04 07:30 AM

Hi John,

I tried to help you by doing a Google search of libraries in The Hague, but there are so many. I checked the catalogs of a few of them. Some have music and others do not. Thought just maybe I could get lucky and find the one that is "the paradise for keyboardists" that Cees refers to. No luck. So hopefully Cees can provide a website for you to visit. I would be interested myself.

Best Wishes,

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Music Scores - 09/12/04 09:15 AM

The Libraries in Brevard County, where I reside, have many books of music. Hal Leonard and many others, mostly for piano.

I copy (borrow) the song, cut out the solo clef, paste to blank sheet and make a copy and I have a lead sheet.

I am a country music fan and found a book with a very large collection of Hank Williams songs that I do not think are available from publishers.

Fran in Florida
Posted by: cees

Re: Music Scores - 09/12/04 09:22 AM

Hi John and Chuck,
to avoid misunderstandings I have to clarify how things work here in Holland.
One can borrow books, CD's, DVD, musicsheets etc.etc. from The public local libraries. One have to be a (paying) member to borrow stuff. Mostly smaller village have less articles. The greater cities (like The Hague) has larger collections. One can borrow via the internet from your local library and reserve what you whish to have (and what is available at that moment or later). But one need a password and a registration-/membercode.
So I am sorry to disappoint you, it is only for the dutch librarymember. Maybe it is organised in the same way in your countries?

For your information there is an english pdf-file if you whish to know more about:

The Hague is about 15 minutes cardrive; so now 'winterperiod' is coming there is now more sparetime for the inhome hobbies I guess I frequently will visited that library