I have a KN2000!, I did have a KN2400.The KN2400 accepted the KN2000 floppy's. I now have the KN2600.I want to transfer the floppy's to SD Card!!,I have tried loading the Floppy to my computer and send to SD Card reader.There is activity and the card reader flashes,But when I put the SD into the KN2600 it reads empty. I would be glad of any Help.
I was first on our site as Joe Baron, I had 2 posts to go before I would become a member.I got lost and the site would not accept me,I went on broadband and had to chang my email address.this I did.I went back on site as Phil Lynch.( My Stage Name)and again I was 2 posts to go to become a member. The site went down.So I am still a junior.What I am saying is,all this activity is keeping me young.I was 74 When I joined two years ago and I am still a junior.Many thanks to the people who have saved me money on a face lift.
Best wishes to all who have helped me in the past.Many good, clever, people, On out site.
Joe Baron(Phil Lynch)