Just thought I would submit my thanks to Roger Mepstead and Midge Gibbs who worked so hard to organise this event and also to Audrey who I understand also made a sterling effort to make sure that the accomodation/hotel and I am sure other things were suitable.

It was really great to meet fellow players whose names I had only seen on the forum and put a face to them - I felt that I had known them for years.

There were also new faces/names who it was very pleasant to meet. One of them turned out to be from the same town where I was born and it was strange how our lives had followed similar patterns in that we had joined the WRAC in my case and WRAF in hers when we were 17. She also has the Music Pad Pro and we were able to swop notes/ideas and I know we will keep in touch.

The tips/tuition where invaluable and will stand me in good stead.

I came home with the determination to be more adventurous in looking at the KN7000 in more depth and if nothing else to be more disciplined in tackling one thing at a time - if anyone has any idea of how this can be done please jot it down on the back of a postage stamp and send it to me!!!

Great job done by all - lovely to meet you all - Joan