Thanks, Technicsplayer, Chuck and Willum.

So, if I understand correctly, there are a total of 5 cards - The ew65, a.k.a. SY-EW65NX - Correct? Then there is the EW-01, EW-02, EW-03 and EW-04, making a total of 5 cards. Since we are talking about only two slots, I am assuming these cards are all designed alike to fit in these slots? I say this because I get the impression the EW65 is a different type of card than the other four cards.

From what you have stated, I think the Concert Grand sound in the EW65 would be very suitable for the type of work I am doing. I am playing in Pianist Mode, along with complex bass and drum patterns that I have done in Composer.

I am surprised the guy at Technote didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned the EW65, other than telling me that they only carried the 4 cards and named them as, Pop, Vintage, Show and I forgot, the other. I even mentioned that the card I was talking about brought the KN6 up to a KN65 level. Anyway, thanks to all of you. I'll contact the sites at your suggestion, Chuck and Willum.

KN6 Guy